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Anchor Canvas Pencil Case ONE LEFT

$24.00 $34.00

Upcycling is popular these days, but this might be our favorite upcycling project yet. Someone had the genius idea to take used sails from sailboats and reuse them for playful, useful pencil cases. The fabric, which will remind you of your favorite windbreaker, is fun, durable, and washable. 

The Anchor Canvas Pencil Case features a navy anchor as an homage of the fabric's past life of adventure and speed. But it is also a great reminder of our own faith: Hope is the anchor of the soul, holding sure and firm. (Heb 6:19).

Features a zipper closure, and two loops - one on each end - for easy hanging in a locker or adding a carabiner to attach to a backpack or purse.

Dimensions: 9 x 5 inches

Made in Germany.

Note on upcycled canvas: Due to the reprocessing of used sails, the material might show slight signs of added character from its original use.

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