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Love Candles - Seconds

Love Candles - Seconds

$25.00 $36.00

We sure love these LOVE candles, but they have been riddled with unforeseen issues. The latest one is that the glue on the back of the label isn't adhering properly, causing slight ripples in the label. While we figure out how to rectify the problem with our printer, we are happy to share them for a great price! Grab one while they last! 

LOVE There is no other way to say it. This candle is just yummy. If you like vanilla, you will love this warm, cozy scent.  "The scent of this candle is so good, I am have to resist the urge to grab a spoon and dig in whenever we pour them." - Carrie

Single, lead-free, eco-cotton wick. Burn time around 50 hours. 

11.5 oz of soy wax.

Made in the USA.