“Theology of Home”: An Aesthetic Joy and a Balm for the Soul

By Katie Marquette at Born of Wonder

This is, fundamentally, a beautiful book. From the moment you hold it in your hands, you feel a sense of peace - this is comfort food for a broken world. Aesthetically pleasing, with royal blue binding, stunning photographs, and well-placed quotes throughout, you’ll want to display it prominently on your coffee table.

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Why Women Love the Home but Not Being a Homemaker

By Carrie Gress & Noelle Mering

What is interesting about this rise in the domestic arts is that it is not necessarily springing from an equal rise in our appreciation of homemaking. This can be interpreted in different ways. Maybe we are inadvertently seeking the comfort represented in caring for home, perhaps because that comfort was denied to us. Maybe it is just an acknowledgement that convenience has come with a cost.

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National Review: Finding Home amid Ruptured Relationships

By Carrie Gress and Noelle Mering

Human beings need one another. Any woman experiencing pregnancy and postpartum knows this is harrowing stuff to go at alone. A child without a father or a mother intuitively knows the depth of that void. Denying our vulnerability does not erase our vulnerability. It merely isolates us, leaving us alone and unmoored. Being unmoored is not dissimilar from simply being lost, and what the lost person wants is home.

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