“Theology of Home”: An Aesthetic Joy and a Balm for the Soul

“This is like a great Joanna Gaines book, but for Catholics. Need I say more?”

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By Katie Marquette

Many people my age, people in their twenties and thirties, are doing odd things. They are brewing cider and mead. They are raising bees and harvesting honey. They are growing vegetables in their backyards and on their counter tops. They are taking sewing classes and making their own clothes. They are frequenting antique shops and refurbishing their grandparents’ chest of drawers. They are becoming carpenters, farmers, and painters.

A great many things have gone wrong in the world and these trends prove that many young people are desperately searching for something more. A lackluster job market has many college graduates going back to trade school. Some for practical reasons - these days a plumber makes a lot more money than your average office worker - but many are also searching for that elusive sense of purpose one hopes to find in work.

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