Interview with Billy Kheel from the New NBC Competition Series 'Making It'

By Noelle Mering

Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman are joining forces again to produce and host a new competition series celebrating creativity and craftsmanship. I sat down to talk to Billy Kheel, one of the eight talented contestants on the show, ‘Making It’. Kheel lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two kids, and is an artist known for his innovative use of felt.

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Women of the Gospels, Teach Us to Be Holy, Part I

By Amber VanVickle

There is something utterly beautiful about the women in the Gospels. We know very little about their backgrounds, and yet it seems we know everything about them and their beauty by one trait that they all convey: a total reckless love for Christ. Each one was lost until they found their true home, Christ. And when they found him, they found their true identity: daughter or a better translation “my little girl.”

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Answering the Missionary Call in Sudan

By Carrie Gress

The new film, The Heart of Nuba, features the rosary-praying doctor, Tom Catena, who has remained in Sudan despite ongoing warfare. But Dr. Catena is not the only American who has served the Sudanese people. I spoke with missionary and nurse practitioner, Katie Gesto, who spent several years working with the poorest of the poor - no matter what their faith -- in South Sudan.

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The Coolest Girl We Knew: Remembering Kate Spade

By Katie Curtis

Watching an old interview of Kate Spade tonight, I was struck anew by all the reasons she was so loved. She exuded wit, charm, and humor as fluidly as the bubbles in a glass of champagne. She was the height of femininity, seeming both innocent, yet sophisticated enough to climb to the heights of New York society. Her designs were a glimpse into her mind; polka dots, stripes of fuchsia and orange. So much whimsy. They were as darling as she was. 

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