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The Hidden Power of Kindness

The Hidden Power of Kindness


This is a must-read book. The Hidden Power of Kindness: A Practical Handbook for Souls Who Dare to Transform the World, One Deed at a Time has a timeless quality. Written by Fr. Lawrence G. Lovasik, better known for his children's saints books, it is a beautiful manual for unleashing the hidden power of kindness and a reminder that even the smallest gesture can make a difference in the world. 

Published by Sophia Institute Press.

Excerpt from the book:

Kindness has a powerful influence on others.

Kindness is constantly winning stray souls back to God by opening hearts that seemed obstinately closed. “Kindness has converted more sinners than either zeal, eloquence, or learning; and these three last have never converted anyone, unless they were kind also.” We often begin our own repentance by acts of kindness, or through them. Probably the majority of repentances have begun in the reception of acts of kindness, which touched men by the sense of their being so undeserved.

By kindness, you encourage others in their efforts after good. All of us need encouragement, and most of us must have praise. Kindness encompasses all the virtues of praise without its vices. When you are praised, you are praised at some expense, and at your own expense, for praise may encourage pride. But kindness puts you to no expense, and, at the same time, enriches those who are kind to you. Kindness is the most graceful attitude you can assume toward another, whereas praise implies some degree of  condescension. Kindness is the only sort of praise that is always and everywhere true.

There are few things that resist grace so much as discouragement. Many plans for God’s glory have failed because there was no bright look or kind eye or kind word to support them. You may not have come forward with the help your brother needs, because you were busy with your own work and never looked at his, or because you were jealous and looked coldly and spoke critically.

A kind deed, a kind word, or the mere tone of voice is enough to convey sympathy to the poor suffering heart, and in one instant all is right again. The downcast soul is encouraged to do bravely the very thing which, in a mood of discouragement, it had almost resolved to leave undone. That encouragement may be the first link of a new chain, which, when finished, will result in final perseverance.