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Monday, November 21, 2022

Posted by Theology of Home on
Monday, November 21, 2022

"What will be the crown of those who, humble within and humiliated without, have imitated the humility of our Savior in all its fullness!"

-St. Bernadette Soubirous


Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Joyful Mysteries

Pray and Sacrifice Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron of Detroit

Video: The True Meaning of Offer It Up with Fr. James Brent, at TOH Blog

How to Plan a Successful Party in 11 Easy Steps, by Madeline Buiano at Martha Stewart 

Choosing to Live Gratefully, by Randy Hain at Integrated Catholic Life

Thanksgiving Pie Recipes to Suit Every Taste and Preference, by Paige Grandjean at Food & Wine

Therapist: Yes, Post-Abortive Women Suffer From ‘Trauma’ and ‘Complicated Grief’, by Sophia Corso at The Federalist

Podcast: What Humility Is Not with Fr. Boniface, by Fr. Michael O'Loughlin and Mother Natalia at What God Is Not

Our Triple Bunkbeds + Loft Kid's Room Project, by Rebecca Lynch at Everyday Mamas

Mexican Archdiocese Shares First Photo Ever Taken of Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, at CNA

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