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Who We Are

Theology of Home was created by two Catholic moms and authors, Carrie Gress and Noelle Mering, to help women overcome the struggles that keep us from confidently living and sharing the faith.

What We Do

We curate and publish content and create and source carefully-crafted products that help women at any stage of life live out their vocations with beauty and meaning.

What's New at The Mercantile

The Archivist, who makes our beautiful luxury matches, has teamed up with an incredibly talented and nose-trusted soap maker in the dreamy land of Provence, France to bring you Savon d’Archivist.

Archivist Soap comes in three scents: Orange and grapefruit, floral poppy, and a lemon peppermint. They come in vibrant colors with a beautifully letterpressed elephant design.

Made in France.

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Theology of Home springs from two core beliefs: that women are the most under-appreciated evangelical force in history, and that the home is where we prepare our families for Heaven.

Stations of the Cross Cards

The Stations of the Cross are a profound way to meditate on Christ’s final passion. Throughout the centuries, this practice has been encouraged by saints and popes as a powerful way to draw closer to Jesus by entering into his way of the cross. Used frequently during Lent, its graces are also on offer year-round.

So many of us lead busy lives and sometimes popping into a Church to pray The Stations just can’t happen. We have developed these on-the-go Stations with  uniquely beautiful, minimal line drawings that can be used virtually anywhere.

They tuck easily in a purse or are perfect for on a nightstand or in the car. The Stations are also a great confirmation gift or to share with a rosary or Bible study group.

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Theology of Home was established to offer women of goodwill a place to come and be replenished with hope, joy, and peace, through lively community and through materials that help you to sanctify the everyday moments of life.

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