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Sacred Heart Soap-on-a-Rope


Sacred Heart Soap-on-a-Rope is an exquisite reinterpretation of one of Portugal’s most unique traditions, symbols, and devotions from the port city of Viana (located in the North of the country). The Sacred Heart of Jesus is the symbol of the city, a devotion that started by the townspeople in the 18th century and is connected to the pilgrimage site church in Viana of Our Lady of Agony, connected with many miracles associated with the fishing industry in the port city.

What is known as "The Heart of Viana," crafted in a delicate filigree design, is available in local jewelry, but is now also available in this simple and elegant bar of soap. 

It can easily be used at kitchen or bathroom sinks, in a shower or bathtub, or even as a sachet in a closet. Scented with notes of beautiful mimosa.

4 oz. Bar

Made in Portugal.

Details from the Church of Our Lady of Agony: The feast of the Lady of the Agony, perhaps the most celebrated pilgrimage in the Minho region, is celebrated on the weekend after August 15 (Solemnity of the Assumption of the Virgin), and usually includes ethnographic processions: parades on land and water, on the river Lima, with boats all decked out. The streets of the city where the religious procession, carrying the image of the Virgin, passes through, are decorated with carpets of flowers.