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Monday, October 10, 2022

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Monday, October 10, 2022

"God is a spring of living water which flows unceasingly into the hearts of those who pray."

-St. Louis de Montfort


Saint Francis Borgia - Joyful Mysteries

Pray and Sacrifice Bishop John C. Iffert of Covington

What America Needs Now Is For Prodigal Dads To Come Home And Be Real Men, by Tim Goeglein at The Federalist

ICYMI: The True Christopher Columbus and the Crisis of the West, by Fr. Sean Connolly at CWR

Video: How to Combat Hedonism with Dr. Peter Kreeft, at Jordan B. Peterson

67 Easy Ground Beef Recipes That Make Dinner a Snap, at Southern Living

Parenting Practices in Teen Years Set the Stage for Closeness, Warmth Later On, by Sara P. Brennen at Medical Xpress

Taking a Nap Is Good for You, As Long as You Time it Right--Here's How, by Ashley Zlatopolsky at Real Simple

John Henry Newman Is a Saint for the Homemaker, by Kelly Marcum at NCR

Video: "Simply Unfathomable"--DeSantis Rebuilt a Hurricane-Destroyed Bridge in Three Days, at Gateway Pundit

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In the news: Video: A Christian Perspective on Woke Ideology | Noelle Mering, by Will Reusch at Cylinder Radio

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