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Thursday, August 10, 2023

Posted by Theology of Home on
Thursday, August 10, 2023

"There is nothing so confining as the prisons of our own perceptions."

-William Shakespeare


Saint Lawrence - Luminous Mysteries

Pray and Sacrifice for Archbishop Paul D. Etienne of Seattle

Exclusive Excerpt: Women Are Reaping the Consequences of 'Smashing the Patriarchy', by Carrie Gress at The Daily Caller 

How to Shape Baguettes, by Martin Philip at King Arthur 

Saint Dominic and the Dominican Witness to Truth, by Dawn Beutner at CWR

Open and Airy Live-Work, by Mid-Century Jo at Desire to Inspire

Video: What Former Occultists Want You To Know, at The Catholic Gentleman

Our 14 Favorite Picnic-Ready Recipes, by Anabelle Doliner at FOOD52

How to Live in a Technopoly When You Were Created for Heaven, by Matt D’Antuono at NCR

The Job for Which All Others Exist, by Ivana Greco at Hearth & Field

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