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Thursday, July 20, 2023

Posted by Theology of Home on
Thursday, July 20, 2023

"It was always in the home that children were likeliest to absorb the revolutionary teachings that, over the course of two thousand years, have come to be so taken for granted as almost to seem human nature. The Christian revolution was wrought above all at the knees of women."

-Tom Holland


Saint Apollinaris - Luminous Mysteries

Pray and Sacrifice for Bishop Anthony C. Celino, Auxiliary Bishop of El Paso

‘Sound of Freedom’ Is Stirring Hearts to Help Victims of Sex Trafficking, by Patti Maguire Armstrong and Martin Barillas at NCR

Popular Social Media Platform’s New AI Feature Gives ‘Advice’ to Kids About Gender Confusion, by Madeline Narduzzi at The Daily Signal 

This Fiat 500 Spiaggina Retromod Is a Tribute to Summer, by Andrea Nepori at Domus

American Tourist’s Challenge to Malta’s Abortion Law Fails, by Bridget Ryder at European Conservative 

This Cake Is the Greek Equivalent to St. Anthony’s Bread, by Daniel Esparza at Aleteia

How Two SCOTUS Dissents Reveal Worldview, by John Stonestreet and Glenn Sunshine at Breakpoint

Backyard Composters, Explained: The Good, the Hot, and the Wormy, by Melissa Ozawa at Gardenista 

St. Thomas on the Twenty-Threes, by Michael Pakaluk at The Catholic Thing

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