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Thursday, March 24, 2022

Posted by Theology of Home on
Thursday, March 24, 2022

"A soul united to Jesus is a living smile that radiates Him and gives Him."

-St. Elizabeth of the Trinity


Saint Oscar Romero

Pray and Sacrifice for Bishop Eusebio L. Elizondo, Auxiliary Bishop of Seattle

The Marian Option: More Relevant Than Ever, by Carrie Gress at TOH Blog

5 Simple Steps to Style Dried Flowers, by Katherine McLaughlin at Architectural Digest

Podcast: Five Steps to Holiness, at 10 Minutes with Jesus

Making Difficult, Life-Changing Decisions, by Rocio Hermes at BIS

12 Beautiful German Castles That Look Like They're Straight Out of a Fairy Tale, by Stacey Leasca at Travel + Leisure

What They Don't Tell You About Motherhood: An Open Letter to Women, by Kayla Iuliano at Aleteia

What to Do with Tinned Fish, at The Modern Proper

Pondering Equality, Hierarchy, and Submission in Marriage, by T. Renee Kozinski at CWR

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In the news: The Modern Woman Narrative, by Renee Rasmussen at The Young Catholic Woman

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