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Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Posted by Theology of Home on
Tuesday, August 15, 2023

"The fly-over woman understands her womanhood and motherhood deep in her bones and doesn’t see maleness as a goal to achieve or a person to conquer. She knows she needs men. She knows, as women have for millennia, that being a woman is synonymous with carrying and nurturing someone."

-Carrie Gress, The End of Woman


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Pray and Sacrifice for Bishop Frank Schuster, Auxiliary Bishop of Seattle

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Archaeologists Uncover Forgotten Medieval German Monastery, by Daniel Esparza at Aleteia

How to Shop for Antique and Vintage Jewelry Like a Pro, by Shelby Deering at Veranda

The FBI Targeted Traditional Catholics Because They Will Never Accept The Left’s Pagan Morality, by John Daniel Davidson at The Federalist

10 Things You Need to Do In Your Garden Before the End of Summer, by Deanna Kizis at Sunset

The Theology of Evil and Eternity: Nefarious, Screwtape and World Wars, by K.V. Turley at NCR

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In the news: Podcast: Do Most Women Know the Truth About Feminism? With Carrie Gress, by Joy Pullmann at The Federalist Radio Hour

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