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Italian Gnocchi Board


It is hard to know when the first gnocchi boards came to be, but we are sure grateful these simple tools exist.

Our Italian Gnocchi Board is made in Italy from solid beechwood. These practical and charming tools are perfect for the home cook to shape classic dough (garganelli) or potato dough (gnocchi) into small dumplings. Ridges help seal and shape pasta and add texture to hold more sauce.

This set is made up of a ridged board and a 9in dowel.

Comes in a canvas bag, great for storing.

Dimensions: 9" x 3.5" x 1" 

Hand-wash only.

Made in Italy.

HOW TO MAKE: For best results, working each piece separately, place a square of dough onto the board and press slightly to imprint it. Then, starting at the top of the pasta, roll it along the ridges with gentle pressure to imprint the entire circumference. Dust the Garganelli with flour to prevent them from sticking, and set aside until all dough is formed.