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Salt & Sea Gift Box


This is a fun little box for the sea lover. It features our Fish Soap-on-A-Rope, a bag of our Fleur de Sel Salt, and our No. 13 Stella Maris Travel Candle.

The Fish Soap-on-A-Rope is fresh and yummy, but what I like best about it is that it reminds me of my main job -- to be a fisher of men. It is a subtle reminder, but one that hits me daily in the mundane task of bathing. It works just as beautifully around a kitchen or bathroom sink or as a great gift, tucked in a box with something else, or as a stand-alone. 

Fleur de Sel, meaning literally, "flower of salt" is a rare sea salt harvested in parts of France, especially the Brittany region. It is delicate and flaky, perfect for adding to a dish just before serving. The process for harvesting this salt is more laborious, but leads to its unique flaky texture. It involves collecting the thin layer of salt that rises to the surface of shallow pools of seawater.

The No. 13 Stella Maris Travel Candle is a complex symphony of scent notes such as salty air, bergamot, lemon and lavender, balanced by bourbon, geranium, cedar and amber.  It is a luxurious scent that my daughter has decided smells like the lobby of the Ritz Hotel in Florida.

The kraft gift box comes tied with a navy grosgrain ribbon.