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Sterling Silver Totus Tuus Signet Ring

$232.00 $290.00

This unique sterling silver signet ring was carefully crafted and meticulously hand-finished by the third generation jewelers at 31 Four Artisan Jewelry. It features Pope Saint John Paul's own handwriting of Totus Tuus, Latin for "totally yours," to speak of one's devotion to Our Lady.

Totus Tuus was not only a symbol of the devotion and consecration that John Paul II had to the Blessed Mother, but also was so pervasive in his life that he wrote this phrase at the closing of all his letters. It was the same phrase he announced during his papal address after surviving an assassination attempt--the survival of which he credits to the Blessed Virgin -- saying from the Vatican window on that momentous occasion, “Totus tuus” to her. 

It is an exquisite and unique alternative to necklaces or bracelets often used to commemorate one's consecration to the Blessed Mother. 

Handcrafted in Florida, USA.

Inquire for special sizing or to have the ring cast in 18c. gold or platinum.