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A Curated Christmas Gift Guide

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A Curated Christmas Gift Guide

By Carrie Gress

We were supposed to do a Zoom event with the Catholic Information Center in Washington, D.C. about intentional giving at Christmas. Unfortunately, the event was cancelled, but we still have a fun gift guide to share with folks as Christmas inches closer.

Artist Elizabeth Zelasko is someone to keep an eye on. We love her work, particularly The Eglise Saint-Augustine de Paris print. Perfect for decorating an office, living room, or bedroom.



House of Royals has this incredible Beauty Lies Within You Leather Tote. Available in several variations, the inside of the bag features the pattern from Our Lady of Guadalupe’s dress. No detail was left unthought on this special gift.



A sweet gift for the little ones in your life: St. Joseph's Workshop chunky puzzleTimely with the Pope's announcement of the year of saint Joseph. 



We designed these 2021 Theology of Home Planners with our own busy, faith-filled lives in mind, with everything like holy days, prayers, and inspiration in one place. Perfect for any woman of faith who appreciates the timelessness of paper, beauty, and order.



Inspired by our chrism scented candles, we partnered with a local craftswoman, Ginny Sheller, to make these yummy Handmade Goat’s Milk Soap. Made with the purest of ingredients, including real monastic chrism oil, this soap soothes and cleans worn hands and bodies.



From Almond Rod Toys: DIY Wooden Catholic Mass Kit Pieces. This is so sweet and beautiful enough to have left out happily.



These beautiful nuns, featured in our Theology of Home II, have an ever-growing gift shop of in-convent made offerings. I just purchased one of their 100% Hand-Painted Beeswax Candles to save for special occasions.


When we saw the amazing work being done by Blessed Boards, we were eager to get some of these beauties for our own store. They custom made for us these stunning American Walnut Charcuterie Boards. The boards feature our Marian Star logo, which is a symbol both of Our Lady, Star of the Sea, but also subtle nod to the star the Wise Men followed to find the Christ Child. Perfect for hosting Christmas events or year-round use.



We have a special place in our hearts for the Monks of Norcia (my husband was among them for four years before we met), but we simply love their beer--Birra Nursia. Great for parish priests, husbands, dads, or any beer lover on your list. In addition to a great gift, the proceeds go to help rebuild the monks’ monastery recently destroyed by a spate of Italian earthquakes.  


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