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Italian Pottery at Bettina Ceramica

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Italian Pottery at Bettina Ceramica

By Carrie Gress

Few people know that Theology of Home originally started with a simple blog I wrote called My Favorite Catholic Things. Having lived in France, Rome, and Poland, and traveled extensively throughout the U.S., I knew there were amazing products and places that many Catholics missed. They were to me a remarkable witness to beauty and culture that healthy Catholicism always espouses.

When I started the blog, I often felt guilty -- like I should be spending my time doing more important work -- but I've come to see that bringing the faith to the world in a concrete form, in something that can be held, or used, or marveled over, is an important element of Catholicism.

I'd like to start returning to the products and places that inspire me and share them with you all more readily. 

My latest inspiration is the Italian pottery, sourced from cities and villages, at Bettina Ceramica. I ran across it on a British online magazine and clicking onto it immediately thought, "Oh, where have you been all my life?!" Most of us aren't hopping on to planes to Italy right now, but this site can help bring a bit of Italian faith and culture to your doorstep and into your home.

These timeless pieces are perfect to think of as family heirlooms and could also make a great wedding gift. They are also a reminder that our homes are a place where we are sanctified. Their holy water fonts are not sized for a parish church, but for the walls of our own homes.

Besides these sweet and delicate holy water fonts, Bettina Ceramica features Della Robbia Madonna and Child, as well as elegant pitchers and footed bowls.  

I also really liked the whitewashed pieces - versions of pieces I've seen so many times before in vivid colors. The white gives these pieces a more quiet presence, but also makes them easier to adapt to a variety of decors.


Certainly, these items are not inexpensive (and the prices are listed in the British Pound, making it hard to know the exact amount of what will be charged based on daily exchange rates), but I can guarantee that it will be cheaper than making the trip to Italy yourself. 

And even if you don't buy anything, it is still just fun to take a peek as these treasures and be inspired.

(My order arrived well-packed via DHL within 10 days of ordering.) 


Several images courtesy of Bettina Ceramica.

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