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No. 8 Visitation


The Feast of the Visitation commemorates the joyful visit of Mary to her cousin Elizabeth. Elizabeth declared to Mary, "blessed is the fruit of your womb," and her son, John the Baptist, leapt for joy in her own. In honor of this wondrously happy meeting, our No. 8 Visitation candle carries the unique scents of the Holy Land. Its notes of fig, wild grasses, and a hint of eucalyptus evoke the verdant flora and fauna of the path on which Our Lady made haste to the hill country.

No. 8 Visitation comes in two different styles: Our classic glass vessel in matching box or our limited edition cement vessels.

We love the hand-poured cement vessels, each with its own unique character. They are prefect for re-using after the wax has been burned through, perhaps to pot a small plant or as catch-all for pens and pencils. Filled with 8.5 oz of wax. Burn time around 42 hours.

The classic glass is 8 oz of wax, burn time around 40 hours.

Single, lead-free, eco-cotton wick. 

Made and sourced in the USA.